Cafe Belong

Our first visit to Cafe Belong in the Evergreen Brickworks. Their mantra is local, sustainable, and organic.




I ordered the St. Lawrence Salad $15, a biscuit $3, and a side of 3 scrambled eggs $7. We had been to a dinner recently and a woman at dinner had raved on and on about the St. Lawrence Salad. So I had to try it out. It has Greens, Grains, Nuts, Fruit and Cheese with Browned Butter Vinaigrette. It was OK, nothing to write home about, certainly not worthy of the hype that I had heard about.


Husband ordered the Oatmeal Pancakes $12. These were just weird. Way too thick and cooked unevenly, burned on the outside, undercooked on the inside.


I ordered the Sticky toffee pudding $9. This was a disappointment. I’ve had much better sticky toffee pudding elsewhere.


Although there were some misses, I like what the restaurant stands for and would be willing to try it again.




Cafe Belong on Urbanspoon

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