Buster’s Sea Cove Food Truck

We meet again. At Queen & Jarvis.  Slightly different menu:

Maine style lobster rolls — Nova Scotia lobster, mayo, celery, chives, lemon juice, on a toasted top split bun w/ pickle & chips $12,

Crab roll $10,

Ensenada fish or shrimp tacos – hand battered shrimp or basa, cabbage, salsa verde, pico de gallo, crema, served on a corn tortilla $4, and

Grilled Swordfish sammy — marinated swordfish and grilled foccacia $9.


I got the same thing as last time, a fish taco and a lobster roll.


The lobster roll looks different than last week, much more mayo dressing this time.


Something I ate today gave me food poisoning.  It might have been something I ate or sampled earlier at the Stop, but I typically think it’s the last thing I ate, and the last thing I ate was the lobster roll. It’s probably not a good idea to order something with a lot of mayo off a food truck on a hot afternoon.

Web: http://www.bustersseacove.ca/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bustersseacove

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