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Our first time at Momofuku Shoto.  The hype for momofuku was at a fever pitch. It definitely got to me and I booked it for their Opening Night. The Tasting Menu had 10 courses, plus some amuse bouche.

After I took a few pictures, one of the chefs told me “No flash!” So most of my pictures are dark and blurry.

Warm Manitoba roll

Amuse – Cauliflower, trout – I really liked this one

Amuse – Corn soup

1. fluke – turnip, capers, dill

2. sepia – cuttlefish, harissa, tomatoes

3. daikon – braised daikon, curry plum, brussel sprouts

4. egg – egg yuba, salmon roe, lily bulb

5. spaghetti – fried sardines, nori

6. lobster – nova scotia lobster, fava bean, tandoori – the lobster was chewy and overcooked

7. king oyster mushroom – macadamia, barley, mushroom soy foam

8a. veal cheek – chili pepper – the lady next to us was raving on and on about this dish

8b. monkfish – carrot, curry yogurt (alternate dish for my pescatarian diet)

9. banana – banana ice cream, cashew sesame butter, crunchy brittle bits

10. houtenanny – souffle, maple ice cream, cookie crumbles, candied orange. Loved this one!

Overall, the experience was not one that was good enough to recommend. We arrived about 7-10 minutes early for our reservation, and the hostess said we could not sit down because the chefs only seat and serve 6 people at a time (it’s very regimented). When we did sit down, there were tons of open seats. You sit at a communal bar around the chefs cooking, next to lots of other people, and unless you have the first seating, you will see everyone else who came before you have the dishes served to them. It kind of ruins any possibility for suspense or surprise. The bar seating arrangement is quite casual for such an expensive meal. I would rather be seated at my own table. Some of the ingredients are so obscure (egg yuba???), you have probably never had them and probably never will again. But they were very nice to accommodate my pescatarian request.

Afterwards we hung out at the Nikai lounge.  My husband knew I wanted to meet David Chang, and sure enough, he spotted him in the corner.  He seemed angry and agitated, but I nervously asked him to sign my menu, which he was kind enough to do. He said no to my request for a picture with him.

Tasting Menu at Momofuku Shoto in Toronto

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