Dinner @ Momofuku Daisho

We went to Momofuku Daisho before seeing the Alice in Wonderland Ballet. Momofuku is very close to the Four Seasons Center.



Complimentary cucumber kimchi:


The waitress recommended an appetizer called bread and drippings. This was totally not worthy of a recommendation. The bread is from Thuet and was pretty hard, and the drippings are literally drippings from meat dishes.


Chicken – egg, carrot, mole (WD-50). This was great, except the chicken was a bit pink in the middle so we did not eat that part.


Herschberger grits – chanterelle mushrroms, gulf shrimp, cheddar. A nice dish that we both enjoyed.


Carrots – birch syrup, malt, black almond


Momofuku daishō on Urbanspoon

Web: http://momofuku.com/toronto/daisho/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/momofuku

Instagram: http://instagram.com/momolongplay/


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