Kingyo Izakaya

Seaweed Calamari – Seaweed flavored calamari served with Shiso* salsa & tartar sauce – this was amazingly tender!!! Highly recommend!!!


Nagoya Style Ebi Tempura Rice Ball – Nagoya is famous for prawn tempura rice ball. Our take on this item with sesame flavored Korean seaweed paper. This was pretty good, but a better value is the ebi mayo


A Big Kingyo Short Rib – Grilled short but Big rib dressed in kurozu* vinegar – wow a beautiful presentation but I try to avoid meat


Ebi-Mayo – Famous Kingyo Ebi-mayo to the world. Deep-fried prawn with chili mayo sauce.


Cream Buta Kakuni – Cream potato Slow stewed pork belly. Another beautiful presentation, but I don’t eat pork.


Famous “O-Sho Restaurant” Karaage with Magic Powder – Deep-fried chicken karaage from “o-sho” in japan. served with sansho*pepper – yup, I don’t eat chicken


The Legendary Chicken Wings by “Kinchan” – Kinchan’s famous chicken wings. Another dish I didn’t eat


Shio Koji* Saikyo Miso* Grilled Black Cod – Black cod is first prepared with an in house blend of saikyo miso & shio koji, then it’s grilled. This was sooo tender!!! Highly recommend!!!


Spicy Soft Shell Crab Sui Choy Salad – Spicy shell crab with sui choy, snap peas, dried okra & salty kelp


Goma Ramen Salad with Spicy Cod Roe – Spicy cod roe sesame dressing, ramen salad with bbq pork, cucumber, salty sea kelp


Tuna sushi

Kingyo Izakaya on Urbanspoon



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