North 44

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My first time at North 44, one of Mark McEwan‘s restaurants.

Winterlicious prix fixe dinner menu:


I enjoyed a tasty Virgin mojito. Hmmm that mint doesn’t look so fresh, does it?


For the first course, I had the wedge salad with hazelnuts, bacon, avocado, tomatoes and ranch dressing,


and Husband had the seared ahi tuna with Japanese pear, cucumber, Yuzu and chili.


For the mains, I had the Organic Irish salmon with beluga lentils, yogurt, parsley emulsion, sans pancetta,


and Husband had the Braised short ribs with chanterelle risotto and roasted beets. This looks really messy and unappetizing. Not exactly Top Chef material.


For dessert I had the Ice cream sandwich — Winter spice cookies, warm caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. I didn’t like these cookies. An ice cream sandwich should not have spice cookies! Pretty disappointing for an ice cream sandwich.


Husband had the Chocolate pot de crème — Chocolate and cherry cookie, toffee crunch (with Pop rocks!?!). Could not believe this dessert had Pop Rocks. Blech


Overall I’d say you can get a much better meal for $49 at Ruby Watch Co or $50 at Richmond Station.


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