O&B Cafe Bayview Village

Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill on Urbanspoon

Web: http://oliverbonacini.com/Bayview-Village.aspx

Twitter: https://twitter.com/oliver_bonacini

Instagram: http://instagram.com/oliver_bonacini

We have been to Oliver & Bonacini Cafe several times, and it is always great.

I had an omelette with home fries and side salad. The menu said it had 3 cheeses, but when it arrived it had mushrooms. I thought I had misread the menu and kept eating and picked out the mushrooms. Later on I asked about it, and they were kind enough to take it off the bill due to their mistake.


Eggs Benedict: two poached free-range eggs & smoked ham on a cheddar scallion scone with home-fried potatoes & Hollandaise


Special of the Day: Reuben Calzone. Our friend actually didn’t like this very much.


Mulligatawny lobster soup w/ ginger & lime yoghurt, red lentils. I had a taste and liked it.


Carrot cake with lemon sour cream gelato


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