Sariwon Korean BBQ

Our first time at Sariwon. I had heard it is one of the best places in Toronto for Korean BBQ.

For appetizers we ordered tempura and mandu. The tempura came with shrimp, sweet potato, butternut squash, and broccoli. MMMM

IMG_20130303_192937 IMG_20130303_192942

There were several different types of kalbi on the menu. With some suggestions from our impatient waitress, we ordered 2 marinated kalbis(Yang Yum Kalbi) to cook at the table and 1 bulgogi to cook in the kitchen. It was a good amount for four people. I burned the first batch of kalbi. Got to watch it carefully! Both were very good, although the kalbi was more fatty than I would like. The marinade was sweet and delicious though, and it’s great hot off the grill.

IMG_20130303_192411 IMG_20130303_192423 IMG_20130303_200424

I don’t like how they use the same tongs and scissors on the raw meat and the cooked meat.


At the end of the meal we were given small bowls of sweet cinnamon rice water.



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