Our first time at Bent. Amazing food and service at Bent! Beautiful dishes and delicious too. A pescatarian’s dream restaurant 🙂




PRESSED OCTOPUS CEVICHE – Lentil, Tomato, Black Garlic, Perilla, Herbed Olive Oil, Pomegranate Vinaigrette


LOBSTER TACOS – Charred Onion, Tomato Salsa, Chipotle, Avocado, in a Crispy Taro Shell … mmmm!!!


HOMEMADE TOFU CUSTARD AND SWEET POTATO TEMPURA – Pomegranate Glaze, Gingko Nuts, Arugula, Endive, Radicchio, and Boston Salad – highly recommend! however, the sweet potato pieces should be thinner; it’s so thick that it’s a bit underdone.


PEAR AND GORGONZOLA CHEESE PUFF PASTRY TART – Caramelized Onion and Fig, Olive, Arugula


ROASTED SCALLOP WITH SUNDRIED TOMATO CRUST – Capers, Raisin, Roasted Olive, Sweet Pea and Carrot Puree, Polenta Cake, Tarragon Butter Sauce – highly recommend! The tomato crust on the scallop was an interesting twist on scallops.


PORGY FEATURE – Potato and Pea Croquettes, Green Curry – the fish was a bit overcooked and dry


BRAISED SPICED SHORT RIBS – Black Garlic, Truffled Parsnip Puree, Fava Beans, Roasted Rosemary Duck Fat Potato with Sour Cream, Chives – smelled so good! I had a taste and liked it; husband said it was a bit overdone and not as tender as we’ve had at Lee. See my previous review of Lee at


SPICED CRUSTED CHICKEN BREAST – Stuffed with Ricotta Cheese, Spinach, and Proscuitto, Lemon Parsley Beurre Blanc, Pine Nuts, Roasted Olive, Stewed Tomato Jam – great dish! Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.


We were given complimentary desserts — chocolate banana cake, chocolate mousse, lemon curd, Chinese sesame ball — wonderful ending to a wonderful meal!


I highly highly recommend Bent! I am already wanting to go back.

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