Ruby Watch Co

My second time at Ruby WatchCo. See my previous review at This time I got to meet Chef Lynn Crawford! I just adore her on her show Pitchin In. She was kind enough to take pictures with us.

We went on a Friday, which always features some type of fish.

The prix fixe menu:


Amuse bouche – cheddar chive biscuits, and they were kind enough to give us seconds.


1st course:  Ruby’s Pink Shrimp and Avocado Salad. It was verrrrry salty!  Then we realized the menu had lime chili salt listed as one of the ingredients. I could only find one piece of avocado, I think they forgot the avocado, and I sure would have liked to have more of it. Aside from the oversaltedness, I enjoyed the shrimp and the onion tempura.


2nd course: Salmon w/ Cherry Tomato BBQ Sauce. They were nice enough to accommodate my request for cooking the salmon through. I liked it although the sauce did not taste like a BBQ sauce to me, and it was an unusual combination with salmon, to me. It was just OK. I would rather have a maple/mustard/sesame/soy glaze or marinade.


Fingerling potatoes


Bok choy. Nobody likes bok choy, I wish we had something else.


My friends ordered the pork belly supplement, which I did not try.

3rd course – Canadian Artisanal Cheese w/ Carrots, Raisins, and Candied Almonds. They were kind enough to substitute a Niagara Gold cheese since I could not have any soft cheeses. Wow this cheese paired w/ the carrots, raisins, candied almonds and sweet pea greens was delicious!


4th course – Chocolate & Peanut Butter – milk chocolate caramel, dark chocolate, peanut butter mousse, spicy peanuts. A really sweet dessert; you really can’t go wrong with the combination of chocolate & peanut butter.


Although there were some things I didn’t like, overall I am in love with the thought of Ruby WatchCo. I dream of eating at Ruby WatchCo every Friday night!


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