O&B Canteen

My first time at O&B Canteen. It’s a very busy place, right inside the TIFF building. It has a great vibe, very urban and modern. It feels like it’s right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of King West.

They were running a limited-time special of a Boston Lobster Roll, with 100% of the sales (not just the proceeds) going to the One Fund Boston foundation. I knew I had to check it out before it was over. Ahhh it was so amazing. I took it to go and it survived the drive home. This lobster roll was nicely dressed, with crispy/crunchy romaine lettuce, radishes, and dill. The lobster was large and chunky, and the roll was very full of lobster. I did find a piece of shell in it, which looked like a shrimp shell. But anyway, it was one of the best lobster rolls I’ve had in Toronto! I really hope they bring this back on the menu. I would definitely order it again if they do.


I also ordered the Sticky Toffee Pudding to go. Pretty much whenever STP is on the menu, I feel compelled to order it. This STP was a bit disappointing. Since it was ordered to go, it looked really sad in the container. It was a pretty small portion compared to what I’ve had for the same price at other places such as Earl’s. And it looked very factory-made, not house-made. The taste wasn’t good either. It was very spicy. I think my husband said it was like a gingerbread. To me it looked orangey like a carrot cake. My husband liked the toffee suace though and wanted to eat all of it. I would defintely say go for the STP at O&B’s Auberge du Pommier over this one.


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