Grand Electric

My third time at Grand Electric, this time for lunch. We were one of the first in line when it opened, so we didn’t have to wait, unlike at night time.

Chalkboard menu: Tacos are now $3.60 each. The menu looks pretty much the same as at night time.


Orange juice:


Baja fish tacos are the best thing on the menu, several of us agreed on this. It was an interesting change to see the food in such a sunny bright setting instead of the dark room at night. You can see the grease drippings, which made it a bit less appetizing. But it’s still a good dish.


Squid hoagie:


Scrapple tacos — don’t do it folks! You will regret it! Scrapple is the pork scraps. Gross


Spicy arbol chicken tacos — someone said this was verrry spicy




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