Our first time at Sukhothai. Their web site sure makes them sound like they have great Thai food. It is in a not-so-great neighborhood, on Parliament Street. I would not want to go there at night.

I ordered the mango juice. It was pretty watered down but still tasted good.


Husband ordered the Pad Kee Mao w/ chicken.  The web site describes this as “Savoury, hot and spicy stir-fried rice noodles  with a choice of chicken, beef, tofu or shrimp.  A delicious alternative  to the slightly sweet Pad Thai.  Other ingredients:  green and red  peppers, mushrooms, eggs and basil leaves”


I ordered the Sukhothai Pad Thai w/ shrimp. The web site describes it as “Our “Sukh’ed up”, Northern Thai version of the  Pad Thai is a must to try.  You will find a slightly different take on Pad  Thai depending on where you are in Thailand.  This is a taste of our  Chef’s hometown goodness.  Extras:  made with peanuts, more herbs and  a small-town, northern-style, authentic-Thai twist.” It was a pretty large portion. I liked it at first, but toward the end, I was tired of the taste and couldn’t finish it.


The service was pretty much unfriendly and uninterested. I do not plan to return.

Sukho Thai on Urbanspoon




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