My third time at Glow Fresh Grill at the Don Mills Shopping Center. Glow’s mantra is to offer healthier food options.  They publish their nutritional info at It is in a beautiful setting with glass sculptures and colored lights on the ceiling, and a cozy patio.




At the server’s recommendation, I had the blueberry banana orange juice. They do not make it themselves. It was not good enough to recommend.


I ordered the steamed edamame. I was so surprised at what a huge portion it was!  Definitely meant for sharing.


I ordered the lobster bao — house-made Chinese steamed buns filled with Atlantic lobster meat, Sriracha mayo, scallion & crispy shallots. I loved it! I would definitely order this again.


I also ordered the Korean Style Short Ribs — miami short ribs marinated “kalbi”style & grilled, with cucumber kimchi. One of the pieces was all bones! The meat had more fat than I liked. The flavor of the marinade and the aroma were very good though. Overall I would not recommend this dish.


My friend ordered the shrimp linguine — whole wheat linguine tossed with tiger shrimp, sliced garlic, fresh basil & olives in a rustic tomato sauce. They use whole wheat linguine which she did not particularly like. I would have been glad to have whole wheat pasta. I don’t want diabetes!


My other friend ordered the Italian sausage rigatoni with house-made spicy lamb sausage, rapini, tomato sauce, freshly grated pecorino. She enjoyed it but mentioned the sausage was a bit spicy.


For dessert, they offer an assortment of “Mini Indulgences” — a shot glass sized portion of dessert.


We chose the peanut butter pistachio and the dark chocolate espresso w/ brownie bottom. Both were very good and I love the small size.


Service was friendly but slow. Overall Glow is a very nice place that I would recommend for its lighter fare without compromising on taste.


Glow - Fresh Grill and Wine Bar on Urbanspoon


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