Our ~5th visit to Celestin, a French restaurant on Mount Pleasant.




At about 8:45PM they were sold out of the two things I was considering ordering — black bass and gnocchi. Being pescatarian and having pretty much nothing else on the menu I could eat, I was ready to leave but the waiter said they could do a snapper or a salmon and a housemade pappardelle instead. So we stayed.

Complimentary bread — we liked the toasted poppyseeds on the bread.


Amuse bouche — pork terrine on cranberry sauce: (I did not try this)


Housemade pappardelle w/ mushrooms & asparagus. This was pretty good, a little overdone and overpriced.


Husband ordered the beef tenderloin w/ bone marrow and red endive and Yukon gold potato puree. He found the endive extremely bitter. The waiter did not ask how he wanted the beef cooked, and it came pretty red, more rare than he would have liked.


I ordered the Salmon w/ lemon marmalade and sweet potato puree w/ fennel. The lemon was way too tart and too much, I had to scrape it all off. The salmon was nice and you can’t go wrong with sweet potatoes. I don’t care for fennel or bok choy.


We were too full for dessert.

Web: http://www.celestinrestaurant.com/

Celestin on Urbanspoon


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