Yakitori Bar

Our first time at Yakitori Bar. A new Korean & Japanese place in Baldwin Village.




I ordered the papaya juice and fresh squeezed orange juice. They both seemed store-bought but I enjoyed them nonetheless.


Scallop skewers:


Short rib (kalbi) skewers — so good we ordered another round — delicious marinade and very tender:


Shrimp skewers:


Salmon skewers – a bit overdone and dry:


Three dipping sauces — chili, sesame, teriyaki:


Baby Bibimbap — and they even had a brown rice option!!!


I couldn’t help but compare Yakitori Bar to Zakkushi, and I prefer Yakitori Bar. I definitely want to go back to Yakitori Bar. The scallops at Yakitori were much plumper, and the short rib was divine! Prices are a bit less at Yakitori, although Zakkushi lets you order single skewers.

Web: http://www.yakitoribar.ca/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YakitoriToronto

Yakitori Bar and Seoul Food Co. on Urbanspoon

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