Origin North

We hit up Origin North at Bayview Village soon after it opened. The place is massive and beautiful.  We saw Chef Claudio Arpile was outside on the patio speaking with some guests for a long time.




We started with the Market Salad w/ sherry vinaigrette.  Not something I would have ordered but my sisters love salad.


I chose the BUFALA Mozzarella + pear + rosemary oil + pine nut + honey. Our waiter said it would be amazing. I really liked this dish. One of my sisters liked it, the other sister didn’t. There is nothing not to like about this dish.


My sister chose the French Fries. Kind of boring, I would skip it. On hindsight she wished she had ordered the Warm Soft Pretzel. I asked about the pretzel w/ lobster that they show on their menu online, but the waiter said they did not have it anymore 😦


My sister ordered the ½ LB SNOW CRAB CLAWS + green onion sauce to share. She really likes crab and really liked this dish. The crab was very fresh. It is under the raw menu but it is not raw.


I chose the CRISPY CALAMARI + caramelized peanut + shredded vegetables to share. Mmmm I really liked this dish. In addition to the carmelized peanut and veggies, it had fresh pineapple. Delicious.


My sister chose the MISO BLACK COD + bok choy & ginger sauce to share. None of us liked this because we don’t like ginger, and this dish was full of ginger. I also don’t like bok choy.


I really liked this restaurant and would definitely want to go back and try other dishes.

Web: http://originnorth.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/originnorth

Origin North on Urbanspoon


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