Gorilla Cheese Food Truck

Gorilla Cheese was in Toronto at David Pecaut Square during Luminato, so I had to stop by.  There was no lineup in the evening.


We had just eaten dinner, so the only thing I could really get was the dessert Neapolitan grilled cheese w/ nutella, marscapone, and marshmallow fluff.  I had gotten it last summer during the Food Truck Festival at the Distillery and it was $5. Today it was $8.50.  Talk about inflation! Then I gave the cashier a $20, and she only gave me back $11 in change. I told her the board says it’s $8.50, and she said “It does???” Wow this was in the evening, they had been parked there all day, and she was just learning the price! Get it together!


When I finally got it, it looked overdone/burnt, and without the as-advertised cinnamon raisin bread. Pretty much a let down!


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