My third time at Lee. I think it is the best restaurant in Toronto.



A must-have dish is the famous Singaporean Style Slaw featuring 19 ingredients that the waiter recited for us.  It is over-the-top to-die-for gorgeous and delicious. The taste of the peanuts just rocks my world.


We ordered the Spicy Crisp Tofu w/ Golden sand, mushroom & pepper compote, wildflower honey soya chili glaze to share.


My sister chose the Cheese Burger Spring Roll w/ Smoked chili mayo, pickled veg, lettuce wrap. She liked it very much. I did not care for this one at all.


A server was walking around carrying a tray of dishes that he offered a la carte. They were being featured as a Tomato Popup dish w/ four different types of fresh tomatoes and whipped goat cheese. We ordered one dish and it split perfectly four ways.


I chose the Hunanese Lobster Ravioli w/ spicy Hong Kong xo sauce, butternut squash purée.  This also split perfectly four ways. My sister really liked this dish probably the most of all the dishes we had.


We also ordered the Slow Braised Beef w/ Chived sour cream, potato leek purée, crispy shallots. This one was ok, not anyone’s favorite though.


My husband ordered the Crab Cake w/ Spiced tamarind glaze, jicama, avocado, mango & jalapeño, vegetable roll, smoked chili mayo. It was so delicious!!! Even though the spherical shape made it seem awkward to share, it was not hard to share at all.


We also ordered the Caramelized Black Cod w/ Cantonese preserves, miso mustard, dim sum turnip cake. This is sooo tender, a great great dish.



For dessert, we shared the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar w/ vanilla crème anglaise, blackberry purée, French wafer. I am a total sucker for chocolate and peanut butter. This was OK, not too memorable.


We were very capably served by a team of servers who brought out the dishes at a great brisk pace.  I love this restaurant!!!


Web: http://www.susur.com/lee/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leerestaurant & https://twitter.com/susurlee

Instagram: http://instagram.com/susurlee#

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