Jelly Modern Doughnuts

We happened to walk past Williams Sonoma on Bloor Street in Yorkville and I spotted some tables of food set up inside.  Jelly Modern Doughnuts was inside with a popup table and four types of their three-bite doughnuts. Jelly Modern has been on the Food Network Canada show You Gotta Eat Here, and I think they were on Donut Showdown as well. They are originally in Calgary and recently opened up shop in Toronto.



I got the creme brulee doughnut — raised glazed doughnut w/ vanilla glaze and bruleed French vanilla custard. I didn’t have a chance to eat it right away. I didn’t get to eat it until a day or two later, and it tasted just fine, not stale at all. They called it a three-bite doughnut but it was definitely more than three bites! Very sweet, more like a dessert than a typical doughnut. Cannot have these sweets very often!


The maple bacon doughnut — raised doughnut dipped in brown maple glaze finished w/ crumbled valbella bacon


A raspberry jelly filled doughnut:


Callebaut chocolate doughnut — raised doughnut dipped in chocolate finished w/ callebaut chocolate sprinkles.





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