Song Cook’s

Our first time at Song Cook’s (not to be confused with Songs Cook).  Someone had recommended it to me.


I was taking a lot of pictures, and I think this attracted the manager. He came to our table and talked to us. He was super friendly and explained a bunch of things on the menu. He said their food is more of Korean/Chinese. Many others do the Korean BBQ, and he wanted to offer something different. The menu is massive, and he offered several recommendations and suggestions.

The banchan included very fresh kimchee, and lots of it.  The rest of the banchan — chapchae, fishcake — was not really my cup of tea.


My sister ordered BiBimNeangMyun — brothless buckwheat cold noodle in a sweet and spicy sauce w/ beef, cucumber, and pear slices; served with beef broth soup — which she liked a lot.


We ordered the KalbiJjim — marinated steamed beef short ribs w/ carrots and radish — to share based on the manager’s recommendation. It was very tender but we didn’t like how fatty it was.


They have so many different kinds of rice. We ordered the Brown + Barley + Beans — a mixture of milled brown rice and regular brown rice with barley and beans.  This was enough for three of us to share.


We ordered Wrap Vegetables — a platter of mixed lettuce for wrapping.


Based on the manager’s recommendation, we ordered the JaJangMyun — ground beef, veggies, and black bean sauce on noodle — to share. I believe he said they make their own noodles in house.


With the bill came some complimentary Chinese-style fried dough desserts.


Service was very friendly and helpful. The meal was very inexpensive. Go check them out!




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