Fresh on Bloor

Fresh on Bloor is my fave restaurant in Toronto. So I just had to take my sisters who were visiting from out of town.

We started with the Soho Falafel Plate — herb falafel balls, quinoa & adzuki bean tabouleh, flax hummus, toasted pita, tomato & cucumber, served with 3 dipping sauces: creamy tahini, spicy zhug and sweet amba. Of the three sauces, I only like the sweet amba sauce. I think my sister enjoyed this dish.


I ordered my usual — Powerhouse Bowl on brown rice, w/ avocado, chick peas & extra grilled tofu steaks with sunflower sprouts, Toasted Seed Mix, Toasted Mixed Nuts, tomato, no onion & spicy tahini sauce on the side. So healthy and delicious, and enough for two meals.


We ordered the Quinoa Onion Rings to share — coated with breadcrumbs & puffed quinoa. I had only ever had these as part of the topping on top of the BBQ veggie burger. They are outstanding on their own — very crispy. I would say this is a must-try dish at Fresh.


My sister ordered the Sam Houston Burrito — tex-mex spiced sprouted lentils with chipotle mayo, brown rice, lemon garlic glaze, tomato, napa cabbage, lettuce & cilantro.  I told her to get a side order of Sweet Potato Fries, the best in the city. I don’t think she liked this dish very much. She ate about half of it.


Husband ordered his usual — Mushroom Burger w/ cheese, no mayo. Our only issue is that it came with mayo even though we asked for no mayo. My husband hates mayo.


My other sister ordered the Holiday Wrap on a bed of lettuce instead of in a tortilla. It came w/ avocado & marinated tofu cubes with garlic mayo, grated carrot, jicama, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, red onion & alfalfa sprouts. I think she liked it.



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