The Chase

First time at The Chase. It is a beautiful space, very elegant. The view of buildings and scaffolding from the 5th floor is crap however.




Complimentary apricot focaccia bread:


To start I ordered the Crab poached with carrots, sweet onion, parsley & semolina gnocchi. It was pretty darn good. Very soft pillowy gnocchi with ricotta inside. Fairly small amount of crab though.


After the glowing review in the Globe & Mail I thought I had better try the house-made Mozzarella with warm heirloom beets savory walnut crumble & aged balsamic. This certainly did not live up to the hype in the Globe & Mail review. I found the balsamic overwhelming.  Can’t recommend this dish.


Here is the Avocado stuffed with shrimp & smoked onion, with a salad of celery & grapefruit. The waiter said it was one of the most popular appetizers. I had a taste and found it pretty plain.


Here is the Octopus w/ harissa, salsa verde, piquillo peppers, spiced pork sausage, olives, arugula. The waiter said it was another one of the most popular appetizers. Two of us ordered the octopus. I had a taste and found it very tender but I didn’t care for the flavor of the seasoning.


For my main I ordered the Scallops grilled with quinoa, cauliflower, ham hocks & lemon almond relish, w/o the ham hocks. There was a soft egg and cauliflower puree which made the dish very creamy and the quinoa was crunchy. The scallops were plump and juicy. Four of us ordered the scallops. A very good dish, and not too expensive at $29.


Here is an entrée called Parsnip braised in almond milk, glazed in quince, and roasted until crisp with roasted venison & foie gras, $45. We found it odd that it was under the Vegetables section of the menu since it had venison and foie gras.


A very pricy dinner, this is a place for expense accounts or special occasions. There was a $3000 bottle of wine on the menu.

I thought our server was not super courteous or friendly as one would expect to find in a fine dining restaurant. He wanted to talk about the specials but there was a conversation going on and some of us weren’t looking at him and he was intent on interrupting and plowing forward with the specials. He seemed unhappy about our request for separate checks and said it would take a long time but he would do it, begrudgingly. If you’re going to do it, just do it, don’t give us a hard time about it.





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