Origin North

Third time at Origin North. Father-in-law visiting from out of town requested it!


Bufala mozzarella with pear, rosemary oil, pine nuts and honey:

Snow crab claws with green onion sauce:

Crispy calamari with caramelized peanut and shredded vegetables:

Shanghai chicken wings:

Tenderloin with mushrooms, onions, and chimichurri:

I chose the Butternut squash risotto with pumpkin, marscapone, and pickled walnuts:

Thai curried shrimp with naan bread: this was one of our faves


I had a hard time deciding on dessert. The waiter suggested the Tapioca and coconut pudding with glazed banana and mango ice, saying it was something you could only find here:

Right after dessert, I got sick in the restaurant bathroom. I told our waiter who said he’s been in the restaurant business a long time and you don’t get food poisoning right away, it takes a while. He brought over the manager who said you shared everything, right (and no one else is sick). I said I mostly ate the dessert myself. He said to call him the next day and let him know how I felt. I didn’t see the point and just left it alone. I always think its the last thing you ate that made you sick.

Web: www.originnorth.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/originnorth

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