Menu Tasting at Barrio Coreano

Barrio Coreano is a brand new spot in Koreatown, brought to you by the owners of Playa Cabana. Barrio Coreano fuses Mexican and Korean flavors, a trend that I first saw made famous by Chef Roy Choi and his Kogi BBQ food truck.

Pretty sure that is the owner Dave in the pic below.


Chalkboard menu:


Soju Sangria:


Grilled octopus taco w/ wasabi salsa: I enjoyed how the octopus was nice and tender.


Yuzu tuna taco: This tuna was battered and fried which was unexpected but I enjoyed it nonetheless.


Chipotle Kampungki Chicken taco: This was another battered and fried one, loaded with chili peppers which I avoided. I liked this one too.


Korean beef taco:  One of the girls at our table liked this taco the best.


Thank you Playa Cabana for the menu tasting and a great night out!




Barrio Coreano on Urbanspoon

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