Winterlicious $35 prix fixe three-course dinner menu:


For the appetizer I ordered the BLACK PEPPER CHARRED SALMON – fennel-chili relish, pumpkin seed oil, toasted pumpkin seed


I kind of wish I had ordered the kale & tofu salad.

For my main I ordered the SHRIMP RAVIOLI WITH SCALLOPS – shrimp tofu cake, creamed spinach, cognac lobster bisque. The scallops are cut in half so they are pretty thin. There was one largish ravioli.


I had a taste of the short rib cannelloni and it was delicious. It looked like a very big portion compared to the ravioli plate. I almost ordered it to take home. One of the ladies at our table said it was good, but she could feel the heaviness of the dish on the ride home.

Everyone gets the same two desserts: CRISPY HOT APPLE PURSE  with cinnamon & double cream and
VANILLA PANNA COTTA w/ VELVET CHOCOLATE CORIANDER MOUSSE – homemade rice crisp & Ontario peach preserve


It was a nice meal but I preferred our previous visit ordering off the regular menu.


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