La Griglia

La Griglia used to be my favorite restaurant in Houston, Texas. We have gone here many times for special occasions — birthdays, wedding showers, engagement dinners, etc.  I don’t think we’ll be going back again after a very disappointing service.

We had a party of 10 celebrating a birthday, and had made reservations for dinner. Oddly, we got a call from the restaurant that day asking us to come half an hour or an hour earlier, which we did.  Anyway, the wait for our mains was taking a very long time, over an hour. One of our party is diabetic and took an insulin shot at the restaurant, and her blood sugar level was dropping. We also had a baby who was getting fussy from sitting around for such a long time. We took the baby outside twice to calm her down while we were waiting for our dinner.  When one of our party asked to speak to a manager about our food taking so long and explaining about our diabetic guest, the manager (a blond man) was very lacking in hospitality about it, did not say anything expressing concern about the diabetic guest, did not take ownership of the delay, did not express being sorry at all, just gave excuses that it was a busy Saturday night, questioned us when we said we had a reservation an hour and a half ago (he said he’d check on that as if he didn’t believe us), and then said something along the lines of: well your food is coming soon, so you should be happy! Wow! I was really shocked and disappointed when I heard about this response. It is not okay for a diabetic person to get into a low blood sugar situation and risk getting faint or even passing out! When someone else came by to check on us, she let him know what had happened. He decided to send out complimentary desserts, just about every dessert they had.


Tomato Caprese: Fresh mozzarella di bufala



Grilled Red Snapper: Jumbo lump crab, garlic, white wine, roasted root vegetables
DSCF4153  DSCF4152
Linguine Vongole: Clams, Italian parsley, white wine, garlic, extra virgin olive oil


Desserts on display:


The strawberry cheesecake was delicious, the best dessert in my opinion.

20140612-114702-42422549.jpg  DSCF4167

Biscotti and chocolate meringue cookies:


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