A new lobster place has opened in Toronto, joining a growing list of lobster restaurants in Toronto: Rock Lobster, Smoked and Cracked, Red Lobster, and The Lobster Trap. Definitely my kind of restaurant! 

Lbs stands for “lobster, burger, salad,” as well as “pounds” which is how they speak it. It reminded us of Burger &  Lobster in London, but they are not affiliated. 
All the entrees are set at $22. There’s either a whole lobster, lobster roll, lobster salad, or a burger. We each had the whole lobster. It was expertly cracked and cut so that we didn’t have to struggle with it.

We also had the donut ice cream sandwich, with chocolate ice cream. Other choices of ice cream were vanilla, toasted marshmallow, and one other I can’t remember. The custom made paper with lobster puns was adorable.

Definitely worth a try and would be happy to go again.





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