Brunch at O&B Bayview Village

We met some friends for brunch at O&B Bayview Village. It was still quite crowded with lots of families and babies. I was surprised because I thought Origin North would be drawing people away but it did not look that way.

The menu has changed a bit since last time.


I was torn between the smoked salmon eggs benny and the huevos rancheros. The waitress steered me toward the huevos rancheros, so I decided to give those a try. Also I have had the smoked salmon eggs benny before. The huevos were a nice plate, I could have used more food though. Next time I will get the smoked salmon benny!


Husband ordered the corned beef brisket hash. He was surprised to find two poached eggs with it, as they were not listed on the menu. (He does not care for eggs.)


Our friends ordered the O&B breakfast and the shrimp & scallop linguine, which they modified to tone down the spiciness so their little boy could eat it.


Very good service as usual.





Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill on Urbanspoon

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